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Who needs a regular boat tour when you can cruise Washington D.C. in style, basking in a bubbling hot tub with views of iconic landmarks? Get ready for a unique and truly unforgettable aquatic adventure in Washington D.C.! 

Whether you want to take only a date or go with up to 19 guests, our Sunset Cruise in DC provides the perfect setting to relax and take in the Nation’s Capital. Even better, we have the ONLY hot tub boat cruise in Washington D.C., which makes this a super exclusive experience!   

From :
$ 449 $ 359
Single Private Hot Tub Weekday and Weekend Prices (One Tub / 10 person max)
Once you’ve made your booking, you can easily add more people and still enjoy the discount!
Private Hot Tub Boat Weekday and Weekend Prices (Full Boat / 20 person max)

Disclaimer For Private Hot Tub Boat: Even if you have fewer than 11 people, you can still rent the entire Hot Tub Boat for your private group outing. Whether you’re celebrating with a small party or a larger gathering, the entire boat is yours to enjoy, ensuring an exclusive and unforgettable experience on the waters of Washington, D.C.

DC Sunset Cruise Details

Imagine yourself kicking back in a hot tub as you cruise past Washington D.C.’s most noteworthy landmarks. Meanwhile, the sun is beginning to set on the city, which is aptly called the ‘magic hour.’ Not only will everything take on the majestical feeling of sunset, but you’ll also be able to see details that typically don’t stand out during the harsh light of daytime.   

This is the ideal setting to celebrate an anniversary, spend an evening with your family, or create an experience that no one will ever forget! There are plenty of choices, but only one company that brings them to you. Dive in and explore the different Sea the City DC Sunset Hot Tub Boat Tour options!   

What’s included in my D.C. boat tour?

  • Access to our one-of-a-kind Hot Tub Boat for two hours
  • Private bathroom and separate changing room for your convenience
  • Attentive deckhands to cater to your needs
  • Dedicated Bluetooth speakers at each Hot Tub Boat for personalized music
  • Complimentary coolers, ice, water, and cups
  • Towels available to rent: ($8 day of, $6 if purchased in advance)

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The Hot Tub Boat Experience

a man sitting in DC hot tub boat


Many people have taken a cruise around D.C.’s landmarks, but they didn’t get to enjoy resting in a hot tub at the same time! When you combine this luxurious experience with the beer, wine, champagne, or hard seltzer you brought on board, you’ll really be able to unwind as the boat passes sights such as The Washington Monument, The Kennedy Center, and The Wharf! 

In fact, you can see the sights in a way that very few have before. The relaxation you’ll feel as you soak in the hot tub’s crystal-clear water will open your mind and body even more to the experience. This tour will change you indelibly for the better as it allows you to take in all the benefits of hot tub soaking: 

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Better circulation 
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Increases your range of motion
  • Reduces blood pressure 
  • And more! 

Additionally, you’ll gain a story that you can wow your family and friends with forever! Anyone who doesn’t join you for this Sunset Cruise in Washington D.C. will instantly regret it. Fortunately, you can sign up for your cruise right now, and then you can easily add-on more guests until your cruise departs! 

We take excellent care of our hot tubs, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We sanitize our hot tubs between each set of guests. They’re commercial grade, professionally maintained, chlorinated spas just like you’d find in a luxury hotel or similar venue. Therefore, you can let any worries melt away as you soak in the water! 


Spectacular Anniversary Night

I was going to make a restaurant reservation, but decided to go with the hot tub boat for our second anniversary. I’m so glad I did. My wife loved it. Sipping champagne and listening to music at night with all the sights around us. The crew was super attentive and helpful. They elevated our special night to spectacular. 10/10!

– Patrick Hopkins
The name sounds so cool. The experience was EVEN COOLER!

The name sounds so cool. The experience was EVEN COOLER! Having our own hot tub for our group of 7 people with our own music and a fabulous crew with jokes and offering to continually pour our beverages for us simply made this experience 11/10 — highly recommend!!

– Jamie Brennan
One of the most fun experiences I’ve had since moving to DC!

This is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had since moving to DC! Vibes - loved having our own tub and being able to connect our own music, weather in April was perfect, so fun to hang in a hot tub while cruising down the river Views - we did the 7pm sunset cruise and it was GORG, loved getting both daylight and nighttime views of the city Crew - so helpful, they took plenty of pics for us, helped us load and unload all of our drinks from the cooler, cleaned up empty cans throughout the ride, and super friendly! Management - very easy to book the ride, a lot of communication via text from management after booking to easily adjust number of people in the tub, quick responses Boat - very clean, has a bathroom, plenty of life jackets, storage bins to keep your belongings secured/dry, they provide really cute drink containers 10/10 experience and recommend that everyone try this!

– Samhita Saquib
Literally the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!

Literally the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! Zoey and Captain Josh made our evening an unforgettable night. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon such a beautiful Gem. I told Zoey she lives up to her reviews. Thank you Zoey and Josh for immaculate service! We didn’t have to lift a finger, both were attentive to our needs.The water was amazingly HOT, BYOB, and the VIEWS were nothing short of AMAZING!!!! Forever a core memory and I can’t wait to do this AGAIN and AGAIN!!!! Thank you Sea The City!!

– Ahnyinah Davis
10/10 to anyone that enjoys a hot tub with a view!

What an incredible experience! Would recommend 10/10 to anyone that enjoys a hot tub with a view! We basically had our own private viewing party of the Statue of Liberty!

– Sean Hughes
Such a fun experience!

Such a fun experience! The crew was so friendly and attentive to our requests. I highly recommend for groups traveling to the city. It was a cold, slightly rainy day for us but it didn’t matter that much with the hot tub. The photo spots on this tour are incredible!

– Julie Bunker
What an incredible experience!

What an incredible experience! Located down at the wharf, we had dinner beforehand, and the boat was immaculately clean. The views of Washington DC, the Monument, and the Memorial Bridge were breathtaking as the boat leisurely cruised along. The crew was exceptionally welcoming and accommodating, ensuring we had drinks and anything else we needed, and we even got to play our own music. The only downside was the reusable cups they provided, but bringing your own glass cups could solve that issue. With amenities like a changing room and bathroom, along with hot tubs, we had an amazing time with friends, great vibes, and drinks. I highly recommend trying out this unforgettable experience!

– Pat S
I had so much fun for my birthday

I had so much fun for my birthday. Although we went in November when it’s cold outside, the hot tub was the perfect temperature and it was consistently warm so I could hardly tell that it was cold. The team surprised me with a birthday sign and were very accommodating and welcoming. They allowed us to play our music and brought our drinks out when we were ready. The entire boat was SPOT clean and I enjoyed seeing all the cool sights and sky lines in the city that I never took the time to explore. I would definitely do this again. The relaxation was well needed

– Ruslyn Gray
Highly Recommended!

The hot tub boat ride was really fun! They have it down to a science and the process is smooth and easy. There was another party in the other hot tub and we barely noticed them. Highly recommend

– Miriam Popper
The Best Experience!

The BEST experience & the staff was so friendly! we were celebrating someone’s 23rd birthday and EVERYONE had a blast. we are already planning our next visit! Thank you to the staff for being so great♥️♥️♥️♥️ We will be back soon!”

– Taylor Bossert
One of Our Coolest Experience!

By far one of the coolest experiences ever! Made extra amazing by the wonderful and attentive staff that truly went above and beyond. Zoe, Kelsey and Captain made my best friend’s bachelorette a truly memorable experience. Can’t recommend this tour enough!

– Fey Mejias
It Was So Fun!

“I’ve sailed with Sea the City on their Hot Tub boats twice now (both on private tours with both tubs reserved, up to 20 people total), and the staff has been kind, understanding, fun, and easy. The first time was in Spring 2021, and the second time was recently in Spring 2023. They are thorough when it comes to a brief and safety rundown at the beginning of the tour, and for the rest of the evening, are completely on top of service when it comes to making sure the coolers are full of drinks, picking up empties, taking group pictures, etc. On this most recent reservation, I had indicated that my group was celebrating a special event, which was the Eurovision Final happening the following day. The staff actually put “Eurovision 2023” on a rainbow light board and took our picture with it. It was so fun and everyone was so surprise in the best way possible.

– Reagan Lear
Definitely Worth Every Dollar!

The Sea the City Hot Tub Boat tour was amazing. We had Captain Bryant, Sophie, and Zoey as our crew and their hospitality was incredible. We loved the overall experience and views of the city, if you are looking for a unique experience in NYC, this is definitely worth every dollar!

– Sondra Marie
We Will Definitely Be Back!

The entire experience was absolutely amazing! I surprised my husband with this Hot Tub Boat tour for his 40th birthday and it was above & beyond my expectations. The crew was very friendly, accommodating & knowledgeable; they each made the experience that much better! The views (need I say more) and just so gorgeous and being on the open water in a Hot Tub in the middle of winter is simply heaven! My husband’s 40th birthday surprise was an experience that we will be talking about for the next 40+ years! If you’re looking for something special & different to do then book the Hot Tub Boat tour, you will NOT regret it!!! We will definitely be back!

– Christina Cervino

About This Experience: The Sites You’ll See

During your 2-hour cruise, you’ll see many of Washington D.C.’s noteworthy attractions, including: 

  • The Wharf 
  • Reagan National Airport 
  • The Washington Monument
  • Lincoln Memorial 
  • Jefferson Memorial 
  • Arlington Memorial Bridge 
  • The Kennedy Center 
  • And more! 

Each building will be seen from a unique perspective, so bring your water-worthy camera to snap some beautiful pictures! Alternatively, you can make this a truly ‘in the moment’ adventure by snapping photos only with your eyes.  

Meet the Captain

Our skilled captains are masters of the waterways, plus they’re fantastic storytellers! They will ensure your safety and comfort, while sharing some of the area’s most intriguing facts. After all, Washington D.C. has a rich history, and learning some of it will make your Sunset Cruise in DC even more worthwhile! 

Each captain we employ is a United States Coast Guard Master Captain. There will also be deckhands on board. Although the crew of Sea the City will be hard at work, they’ll also give you some privacy so you can truly kick back and enjoy yourself! 

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A Unique & Unforgettable Hot Tub Boat Tour of Washington D.C.!

washington dc sunset from potomac river

Are you looking to elevate your special occasions to new heights or simply searching for a truly one-of-a-kind experience? Look no further! We are the first and only Hot Tub Boat in Washington D.C.  – an extraordinary and exhilarating way to “Sea the City” like never before.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, spending a day with your family, or looking to create unforgettable memories, our Hot Tub Boat tour promises to be an unforgettable experience. Dive in and explore the perfect package that suits you and your group:

What’s included in my D.C. boat tour?

  • Access to our one-of-a-kind Hot Tub Boat for two hours
  • Private bathroom and separate changing room for your convenience
  • Attentive deckhands to cater to your needs
  • Dedicated Bluetooth speakers at each Hot Tub Boat for personalized music
  • Complimentary coolers, ice, water, and cups
  • Towels available to rent: ($8 day of, $6 if purchased in advance)

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to make your special occasion even more memorable.

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