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Top 10 Sweet 16 Party Venues in Washington D.C.

Sweet 16 birthday party on a hot tub boat in DC

In life, there are only a few birthdays that take on an extra special meaning, and a sweet 16 party is definitely one of them. After all, turning 16 is a rite of passage that is often marked by being able to drive for the first time. It also used to be the time when a young woman was finally allowed to wear makeup and start making her own decisions. Even though that may have mostly fallen out of favor, there’s still something special about turning 16. 

Unique places to go for 16th birthday

Fortunately, there are a ton of different places to go on your 16th birthday throughout Washington D.C. and the surrounding area. Let’s explore some of the very best sweet 16 venues, so that you’ll be well-equipped to handle your own child turning 16! 

1. Eaton DC

Eaton DC at night

Eaton DC is an upscale hotel that offers a new-age approach. Its lobby design was partially modeled after Swiss bus terminals and has earthy tones, velour furniture, and swirling floor patterns that you could get lost in. It also happens to be one of the city’s top destinations for parties! 

You could book a room by yourself, but if you do it through Honey & Lavender instead, you’ll receive a disco theme that everyone will have fun with! There will be plenty of glamourous décor, along with delicious mocktails, lots of dancing, photo ops, and great food options. 

Eaton DC definitely caters to a more health-conscious crowd, so skip the ice cream and enjoy coconut clusters instead. You can also try Eaton DC’s flagship restaurant, American Son, with unique touches such as their meat-free Big Mac.   

2. Intimate Garden Courtyard

Intimate Garden Courtyard DC

This unnamed intimate garden courtyard is located in the Kalorama Heights neighborhood, which is an affluent area where several diplomats live. Listed by PeerSpace, it was a 2023 winner for Best in Event Spaces. This space has hosted weddings, engagements, birthday parties, etc., so it should be no surprise that it’s absolutely gorgeous! 

PeerSpace offers the upper level of the courtyard for rent. You can relax and enjoy this private area where the focus can solely be on the birthday girl (or boy!). Set up a place to eat on the tile pavers, and then spread out across the entire courtyard to party the night away! 

3. Sea the City Hot Tub Tour

Large hot tub boat in DC

Want to do something that your daughter will never, ever forget? Instead of booking a venue or restaurant to celebrate her sweet 16, book her and her friends a ride on Sea the City’s hot tub boat cruise around Washington DC! 

You can book either the full boat and have up to 20 guests, or just book one hot tub and have up to 10 guests. Everyone will have the opportunity to feel special as they soak in a hot tub while looking at some of Washington DC’s most memorable buildings. Of course, most guests won’t have the time to check out the view as they’ll be too focused on ultimate relaxation! 


4. Mid-Century Apartment – 1960s Time Capsule

Mid-Century Apartment – 1960s Time Capsule washington DC

Does your daughter have her heart set on a sweet sixteen venue that’s completely different? You’re going to want to check out the 1960s-time capsule in this mid-century apartment, then! Located outside of DC in nearby Arlington, VA, this place offers free parking, décor and props, and a very attractive price point. In fact, at only $49 per hour, this might just be the perfect venue. 

Once you enter the apartment, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Bright colors and designs are abundant, and there are tons of little touches to help sell this idea to your guests. There’s even an old-school record player, and the dishes feel like they came straight from the ‘60s, too! 

5. Grand Dame of Chevy Chase

Grand Dame of Chevy Chase washington DC

Are you planning a once in a lifetime party with all the flair that deserves? Welcome to Grand Dame of Chevy Chase, located in nearby Chevy Chase, MD. This impeccable 4,700 square foot Mediterranean hybrid and hall colonial will absolutely amaze your guests. 

The inside has a classic feel to it, yet it also contains modern furniture with a bit of a throwback feel to it. Outside, you’ll find vintage gas landscaping lanterns that provide the ideal ambiance for taking old-world photos. In fact, the outside welcomes your guests with mature landscaping that would work great as a backdrop to any images you wish to capture. 

Please note that despite being so big, the Grand Dame of Chevy Chase typically limits its guest list to only 20 people. If your daughter wants to make a big splash on her big day, though, this is definitely the place to do it!  

Sweet 16 restaurant ideas

If you’d like to make things easier, why not choose between various sweet 16 birthday dinner ideas? Although this is a more traditional way to celebrate, it’s also been proven time and again to be a truly fantastic idea. Everyone needs to eat, after all! 

6. Rooftop at Vera Cocina and Bar

Rooftop at Vera Cocina and Bar DC

Looking for an upscale experience that includes touches of earthly colors? Try the Rooftop at Vera Cocina and Bar! Rather than being actually placed on the building’s rooftop, you’ll be able to take in the weather due to a state-of-the-art retractable ceiling. Yes, that’s right; if it decides to rain on the day of your party, you’ll still be covered! 

This restaurant serves the very best in Lebanese Mexican fusion cuisine. As a result, this classy space also holds a lot of cactuses and other greenery. There’s also a DJ booth built-in to the upstairs dining room, along with wall art that comes from some of the DC area’s top artists. 

7. Ambar Balkan Cuisine on Capitol Hill

Ambar Balkan Cuisine on Capitol Hill DC

Private dining options are available at Ambar Balkan Cuisine on Capitol Hill. What sets this restaurant apart from the rest, however, is its lovely and slightly quirky décor. There’s even a space that already has an abundance of flowers on display, which would make the perfect setting as venue for 16th birthday party. 

Ambar even offers a versatile space, so you don’t have to make sure your party is perfectly arranged for the space. Instead, you’ll be able to use their bespoke space to achieve exactly what you want! They also have three different areas where they host private parties, and one of them has a ton of indirect natural light. 

Another nice thing that Ambar has is an allergy friendly menu. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anyone’s specific eating needs and can place your whole emphasis on creating the perfect party! In fact, if someone were to ask you where to have a sweet 16 party, Ambar’s would definitely be near the top of the list.

8. Fiola Mare’s Mermaid Room

Fiola Mare’s Mermaid Room DC

Did your daughter dream of becoming a little mermaid as a small child? Then Fiola Mare has the perfect place to host her sweet sixteen! This Italian restaurant specializes in offering a variety of different private rooms to host special events. 

Set apart from the rest of the diners, your group can take advantage of a room with floor-to-ceiling lanai doors. Through them, you’ll have a stunning view of the Potomac River, Key Bridge, and Georgetown Waterfront Park. Even better, you can open the doors and step out onto a private balcony. 

The Mermaid Room can accommodate 18 seated guests or up to 40 standing guests. Oh, and why is it called the Mermaid Room? Because that’s the decorating theme! 

9. Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose DC

If your daughter dreams of going to Paris, why not give her the next best thing? This Parisian restaurant has a dash of contemporary charm, along with ambient candlelight, rustic brick walls, and comfortable couches for some of the diners to sit on. It also happens to be one of the few restaurants where you can invite as many as 90 guests! 

Please note that Duck Duck Goose changes its menu seasonally as it only serves the freshest ingredients. Additionally, if you have more than 12 guests, you’ll be required to rent the entire venue. Of course, that will just make the sweet 16 party even sweeter! 

10. Station 4

Station 4 DC

This swanky spot gives New American cuisine a whole new feel. Station 4 also offers a variety of private events packages, ranging from only 14 seated guests all the way to 180! 

As far as sweet sixteen venues go, Station 4 has something for everyone on their menu. Therefore, if someone is a vegetarian or only likes pizza, they’ve got you covered! At the same time, you can get Fried Calamari, Spicy Shrimp Pasta, or even a Philly Cheesesteak. 

Station 4 is open to discussing your needs, and they’ll create custom seating just for your group! When you combine this with their intimate setting and lovely food, you’ve found the perfect spot to host a sweet 16 birthday party.  

A Hot Tub Tour is the Perfect Place to go for a 16th Birthday Party!

Sweet 16 birthday party on a hot tub boat in DC

All the venues and restaurants on this list would provide a memorable birthday party, but there’s only one place that truly stands out above the rest. If you want to make sure that people are still talking about the party a year from now, Sea the City’s hot tub tour is definitely the right option! Book your tour today to ensure that the right date is still available!