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Top 21 Group Activities for Adults in Washington DC

Hot Tub Boat Party in Washington DC

Top 21 Group Activities for Adults in Washington DC

Washington DC, known as the hub of American politics, offers much more to explore for groups seeking a memorable outing. Whether visiting the intriguing Spy Museum, dining at a world-class restaurant, or simply marveling at majestic historical sculptures like the Lincoln Memorial, the city is brimming with fun and exciting activities. Also, with new businesses constantly emerging, you don’t have to look far to find the perfect experience.

In this guide, we’ve collected the top 21 group activities for visitors, work groups, and locals alike, ensuring your next gathering in the US capital is unforgettable.

Fun Activities in DC for Adults

From intriguing museums to adventurous waterfront explorations, there is a wide range of fun activities to do in DC that cater to diverse interests and tastes. Be sure to check out the following Washington DC activities for your next group outing or family adventure!

1. Go Undercover at a Spy Museum

people walking outside the international spy museum Washington DC

First up for fun places in DC is the International Spy Museum. It features a slew of fun activities for adults in DC, allowing you to lose yourself in the intriguing world of espionage. There, you will encounter real-life spies, discover unique gadgets, and unravel stories from the past and present. With engaging, hands-on exhibits spread across two floors, this museum doesn’t just show you the life of a spy – it invites you to experience it. The museum is ideal for those seeking an immersive and interactive outing.

2. Dine Together at Opal

inside the opal in Washington DC

Colin McClimans and Danilo Simic have introduced Chevy Chase to Opal, a destination offering fish, meats, and vegetables from the American coastline. Housed in a converted row house, Opal’s wood-fired oven crafts exceptional breads and roasts a variety of proteins. The menu dazzles with dishes such as Maryland crab-infused gazpacho and pan-seared scallops. The dining experience is complemented by an 80-seat dining room with stone surroundings and a circular bar known for smoked Sazeracs.

3. Indulge in a Waterfront Adventure

Fun on the Hot Tub Boat

If you are looking for adult things to do in DC, you can add a splash of adventure to your outing in DC with Sea the City. Offering hot tub boat tours and jet ski rentals, it’s a unique way to explore the city’s waterfront. Whether you’re relaxing in a floating hot tub or racing through the water on a jet ski, these tours provide thrilling options for group activities in Washington DC. It’s a perfect combination of relaxation and excitement for adults seeking fun in the city.

4. Enjoy a Lively Evening at The Eleanor

Eleanor Bowling Lounge washington DC

Of all the fun places in Washington, DC, The Eleanor Bowling Lounge really stands out. This neighborhood gathering spot combines mini bowling, skeeball, and arcade games with a bar & grill. When you’re not rolling, indulge in an array of culinary delights, from charbroiled oysters on the half-shell to delectable pasta and lamb burgers. Proud of its DC roots, The Eleanor is committed to serving fresh, local, and seasonal fare accompanied by local beers, craft cocktails, and approachable wines.

5. Explore Landmarks on Wheels with Capital Segway Tours

Capital Segway Tour washington DC

Rounding out the list of fun group activities in Washington DC for adults is the Capital Segway Tour. Perfect for adults looking for a twist on traditional sightseeing, these tours offer a quick training session to get you comfortable on a Segway before heading out to explore. Under the guidance of an informative tour guide, you’ll glide through the streets, covering more ground than walking and enjoying the fresh air. It’s an adventurous and interactive way to dive right into the history and architecture of DC.

Group Activities in DC

Whether it’s outdoor relaxation, culinary explorations, or nighttime tours of iconic monuments, the city offers an array of experiences that cater to all types of interests, making group activities both engaging and memorable. Pick from the following list of best group activities in DC to enjoy with friends, family, or colleagues:

6. Visit Yards Park

a group of people standing in Yards Park washington DC

Yards Park is a spacious area that features a waterfall, open grass fields, and a riverfront boardwalk, providing an inviting setting for relaxation and entertainment. The entrance is marked by the Dancing Fountains, a delightful blend of water jets and scrims that create fun for both children and adults. These fountains transform into a colorful spectacle at night with vibrant, changing lights. The Park is also a popular spot for outdoor movies. Visitors are encouraged to bring a blanket and enjoy free film screenings in this scenic locale.

7. Take a Culinary Tour

Underground Donut Tour washington DC

Digging into delicious food is always going to be one of the top fun group activities in DC. The Capitol offers a variety of culinary experiences that food lovers can explore. Among them, the Washington DC Signature Scenic Lunch Cruise and the Gastronomic Georgetown Food Tour are popular choices for those looking to taste the local flavors. For something unique and playful, the Underground Donut Tour is a standout option that tends to sell out quickly. On this tour, participants can channel their inner Homer Simpson and savor an assortment of donuts from the best spots in the city.

8. Experience History by Moonlight

The Monuments by Moonlight Tour Washington DC

When darkness falls, the city takes on a distinct energy that seems to be unique to the heart of the nation. The Monuments by Moonlight Tour gives you an intimate experience of this evening grandeur, guiding you to view some of the country’s essential landmarks, such as the Iwo Jima Marine Corps Memorial, memorials to FDR, Lincoln, Vietnam Veterans, the Korean War, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

9. Picnic at Constitution Gardens

constitution gardens in washington DC

Nestled between the Vietnam Memorial and the World War II Memorial on the National Mall is Constitution Gardens. The locale is perfect for al-fresco group events in DC since it offers delightful picnic areas for get-togethers. Within this prominent park, visitors can find ample opportunities to reflect on presidential legacies, recognize the bravery and sacrifice of war veterans, and appreciate the United States’ dedication to principles of freedom and equality.

10. Belt Out Some Songs at Zeppelin

Zeppelin restaurant washington dc

If you are looking for group activities for adults in DC that involve singing, Zeppelin has you covered. This chic sushi destination transforms into a karaoke bar from Thursday to Saturday,  and the singing begins nightly at 10:30 p.m. in a specially designed room.  This room hosts a lengthy communal table with adjustable partitions and is adorned with art that spells out song lyrics in Japanese, hovering over the diners. The menu features delicious yakitori skewers, decorative sushi and standout highball cocktails. Guests interested in taking the microphone can make a request through the servers.

Fun Places to Visit in DC

These places are brimming with excitement, history, and culture, offering a mix of activities for every type of visitor. Whether you prefer the artistic mastery on display at the National Gallery of Art or the adrenaline rush of a live hockey game, Washington DC’s diverse attractions are ready to entertain.

 11. Catch a Show at Ford’s Theatre

Ford’s Theatre washington dc

If you are looking for things to do in DC with friends, Ford’s Theatre makes for a great outing. The venue is not only a historic destination but also a hub for American theatre, celebrating the legacy of Abraham Lincoln with plays, musicals, and history-based dramas. Guests can experience live performances ranging from American musicals to dynamic world premieres in this one-of-a-kind historic setting. Alongside its theatrical offerings, Ford’s Theatre also serves as a museum, housing rare artifacts and recounting the enduring impact of Lincoln’s assassination on America.

12. Catch a Hockey Game

capitol one arena Hockey Game washington dc

If you’re looking for fun places to go in DC, head to the Capital One Arena, where the Washington Capitals play. Beyond thrilling NHL games, the venue also hosts NBA matches and a variety of spectacular concerts. The energetic atmosphere ensures that there’s always something happening. From rock legends like Aerosmith and Peter Gabriel to pop icons like Madonna and even the soulful beats of Lionel Richie and Earth Wind & Fire, the arena’s events calendar is packed with entertainment. It’s a go-to destination for sports fans and music lovers alike.

13. Explore the National Mall

the National Mall washington dc

Exploring the National Mall is one of the fun activities in Washington DC you should see to check off your bucket list. Since its inception in 1966, this long, grassy park located centrally in DC has become a vibrant hub, showcasing a fusion of museums, memorials, galleries, statues, and gardens, with the iconic Washington Monument among the highlights. Often bustling with school groups, joggers, and sports teams, the National Mall is also noted for the nearby Tidal Basin reservoir, famous for its cherry blossoms, providing a picturesque setting that complements the rich cultural landscape.

 14. Take an Artistic Journey

National gallery of art washington dc

The National Gallery of Art, housed in two buildings on the National Mall, hosts an array of Western art ranging from old masters to modern artists. This gallery is an ideal spot for art enthusiasts, featuring renowned pieces by the likes of Van Gogh and Da Vinci. Visitors can extend their artistic journey by exploring the adjacent Sculpture Garden. A Google reviewer even praised the gallery’s extensive gift shop, recommending it to art lovers.

15. See Your Favorite Animals at the Zoo

Smithsonian's National Zoo & Biology Conservatory washington dc

Zoos are fun places in DC for adults and children, and the Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Biology Conservatory doesn’t disappoint. It is a place where animal lovers can spend a day observing and learning about various species from around the world. From the graceful movements of big cats to the cheerful chirping of tropical birds, the zoo offers an authentic and educational glimpse into the lives of animals. The most appealing part for many visitors might be that there’s no admission fee, making it an accessible outing for all.

16. Groove at the Washington DC Jazz Festival

washington dc jazz festival

With roots intertwined with the city’s cultural fabric, jazz has thrived alongside GoGo (the cousin of Hip Hop) in Washington DC. The annual Jazz Festival in DC celebrates this rich musical legacy, with venues across the city hosting an impressive lineup of award-winning artists such as Gregory Porter, Terri Lyne Carrington, Kenny Garrett, Samara Joy, Charles Lloyd, and more. The festival offers not only mesmerizing performances but also a glance into the history and evolution of jazz in the capital, making it a must-visit event for music lovers of all kinds.

Historical Landmarks in DC

These sites offer a unique glimpse into the nation’s past, showcasing the architecture, history, and ideals that have shaped the United States. Be sure to add them as your must-sees while you’re in the District of Columbia.

17. Trek Through the Library of Congress

Library of Congress washington dc

You can take a journey through the heart of American politics with a private tour of the Library of Congress, Capitol Hill, and the Supreme Court. While wandering through the library’s main reading room, you’ll step back in time to learn about the history of the USA’s capital city and marvel at the stunning architecture and art inside the Library of Congress. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to view famous artifacts such as the Gutenberg Bible and the Thomas Jefferson Library.

18. Take a Tour of the White House

White House Tour washington dc

The White House is the official home of the U.S. President. It is also a place where important government decisions were made and are still being made today. You can see some of this history up close by taking a public tour. The tour is limited to the East Wing, but it includes views of various rooms, including the State Ball/Dining Room. You’ll also encounter portraits of past presidents and their spouses. To schedule a visit, you’ll need to plan in advance and contact your Member of Congress and their tour coordinator. It’s a special chance to explore a place that has played a key role in American life.

19. Experience the Lincoln Memorial at Night

Lincoln Memorial at Night washington dc

The Lincoln Memorial, an emblem of unity, strength, and wisdom, honors the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, with a towering marble statue. As iconic and recognizable as the Statue of Liberty, this seating statue showcases sculptures and murals that depict Lincoln’s life and achievements. The serene nighttime ambiance adds a unique dimension to this powerful symbol of freedom and equality. As an added bonus, the landmark isn’t as crowded.

20. See the Heart of U.S. Governance

United States Capitol washington dc

The United States Capitol isn’t just a building; it’s the meeting place of the nation’s Congress and a living symbol of American democracy! Here, you can observe the workings of government, explore historical chambers, or simply admire the architecture. This prominent landmark reflects both the past and present of American governance, offering a unique perspective for visitors.

21. Witness the Cornerstones of Democracy

National Archives Museum washington dc

No visit to DC is complete without a visit to the National Archives Museum. There you can discover the foundational documents of the United States at the National Archives Museum. Housing the original U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, this museum provides a rare and significant glimpse into the nation’s history. A visit here is more than an educational experience; it’s a connection to the ideals and principles that shaped America.

girls on hot tub boat

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